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Sell your home with confidence

RiVirtual is making it simpler to sell your home and move forward.

Sell your property hassle-free.

RiVirtual helps you to sell your property with a minimum of your effort. The Realtors provide guidance and support at every step.

Realtors listed in the directory under ‘Find an Realtor’ are not licensed with RiVirtual, Inc. or any of our affiliated entities.

Why sell through an Agent

  • Best pricing according to market.
  • Minimizes your leg work
  • Manage all the documentation
  • Takes care of price negotiation

How to sell through an Realtor

The Realtors know the locality and the market very well. We have a long list of trusted and professional real estate realtors from your locality. You can just go to the list of realtors and pick the one you like and that's it, just enjoy your day and wait for the best results.

Selling with local partner Realtors

Selling through our trusted local Realtors makes life easier*. Let them take all your stress while you can focus on other important things. Our Realtor network is expanding every day.

Why sell with partner Realtor

  • Knows the market status current as well as future.
  • Helps to negotiate
  • Provide valuable insights.
  • Professional style of listing on RiVirtual.
  • More chances of topping the list on RiVirtual.

* Listing compensation and terms are determined by local partner brokerages and not by RiVirtual. Subject to individual brokerage eligibility criteria. Restrictions may apply.

Extra advantage with Rivirtual Loans

Get financial advantages from RiVirtual loans.

Visit our loan section to know more about the

benefits of RiVirtual loans.

Why RiVirtual Loans
  • Transparent process
  • Quick and Easy
  • Better rates
  • Easy Eligibility Norms

FSBO (For Sale By Owner)

Sell your home all by yourself on RiVirtual by following some easy steps without the help of realtors. List your property on RiVirtual and let the potential buyers contact you.

Learn more about FSBO

How to sell FSBO

For FSBO you need to do staging, get a professional photographer, make the property sale-ready, research about price according to market and your locale. When you are ready,create a listing on RiVirtual. Now the potential buyers will contact you, show them your property and negotiate the best price. You can also upgrade to make your property visible to potential buyers more frequently.

Why sell FSBO on RiVirtual

  • Listing on RiVirtual is free.
  • Saves commission from realtor
  • Easy procedure
  • Complete guidance from start to finish

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Frequently Asked Questions

RiVirtual is a privately owned global real estate FinTech company with a presence in 100 cities in 5 countries and more than 100 million square feet of managed assets for which RiVirtual provides third-party property-level and lending services. RiVirtual's Artificial Intelligence ( AI) is based on Accessibility, Affordability, Availability, and Authenticity ( 4As) models of real estate markets, Economic Data, and Sustainability.

RiVirtual is the #1 Most Trusted Real Estate Realtors Platform in India, which provides a complete ecosystem of real estate providing an online marketplace, real estate realtors, loans, property management, service providers, and much more.

Follow the steps below:

  • 1. Click on the Sign-in button at the top right corner.
  • 2. Click on Sign Up Now at the bottom of the pop-up form.
  • 3. Enter your details and click Sign Up or Sign Up by your Facebook account or Google account.

If you log in via Facebook or Google, your account will be automatically verified. At RiVirtual, we do not misuse your personal information, and we do not post anything from your social media for publicity. We do not ask for any extra information from your social media account.

Based on the type of property you want to search, click on commercial or residential from the top menu. On the next page, enter the location where you want to explore and select the property type. You can toggle between BUY and RENT based upon your choice and click search.

You will get a curated list of properties matching your criteria. You can further apply filters to the list.

When you open a property details page by clicking on View More, you can fill out the short form on the right side and send a request to the realtor for a property visit. You can also view the realtor's profile and message him directly. (To be more secure, we recommend you to reach the realtors through RiVirtual)

If you find it hard to manage your property because you don't have time or live far from the property, we provide a property management service to look after your property. To know all the features visit our Property Management page and fill out the form for a free consultation.

Follow the steps below:

  • 1. Click on the Sign-in button at the top right corner.
  • 2. Click on Sign Up Now at the bottom of the pop-up form.
  • 3. Enter your details and click Sign Up.

Click on the Realtors from the top menu, enter your locality pin code, and click the Find an realtor button. You will get a list of top realtors in your area. You can apply different filters to the list. You can view their profile and choose the best one you like.

When your property is verified on your registered email account, you will receive mail.

RiVirtual only activates the chatting feature when a User initiates the chatting.

When you go to the Manage Visit Availability section, you need to enter your availability hours for the week starting from Monday. This will reflect for the coming weeks. you can edit it anytime.