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With the limited number of homes on the current Indian market, you need a Real Estate Expert with the right connections, technology, and strategies to achieve your home buying or selling vision. Whether you're feeling overwhelmed and want someone to take the wheel, or you just need a second opinion and you have it covered, you can be rest assured - RiVirtual Realtor is the right Realtor for any level of service in any market condition.

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What our Clients say.

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Abhiram Balakrishnan

10 Dec, 2022

A perfect place for all your real estate needs and understanding and great staff.

Akshara Pandey

22 Nov, 2022

RiVirtual is going to change the real estate game in India. They have some very unique features making the user experience great.

Shubham Singh

24 Aug, 2022

Vast collection of Professionals really enjoyed their options and features of the platform. Must try.

Rakesh Reddy

17th March, 2022

Professional, knowledgeable, and friendly Marketplace and excellent customer service

Anirban Goswami

1st March, 2022

Outstanding Realestate Market place and get advice and insights.

Raghavendra Kumar

15th Feb, 2022

Extremely Satisfied Customer and homeowner

Sujit Kumary

5th Feb, 2022

Best Real estate advisor in India

Eshwar Setineni

11th Jan, 2022

Best Real Estate advice I ever got