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Hire the perfect real estate Advisor in your area

Get the free recommendation of Top Advisor in your area that help speed up the process and with maximum profits. We analyze millions of real estate transactions to bring you the most relevant Advisor.

Representing the finest real estate

Unparalleled commitment to setting a new standard in real estate recognition when selling and buying.

How Real Estate Advisor is Different

Traditional Realtor

  • Not in the top 5% experts who know your neighborhood
  • Marketing expertise and knowledge is limited, typically just local
  • Negotiation skills aren't the best, you get less $
  • Closing experience isn't the best, you don't close the sale

Rivirtual Advisor

  • Top 5% expert team that has direct neighborhood experience
  • Marketing is global not just local
  • Proven negotiation skills, you get more money at closing
  • Verifiable track record in successfully closing your escrow

Discount Realtor/Broker

  • Volume based model, maybe understands a few areas but not a market expert
  • Marketing typically not with professional photos, digital campaigns, staging, and exposure
  • Home sold for less due to inexperience
  • Motivation to close isn't a priority, you get what you pay for

Hyperlocal Smart Advisors

Your Real Estate Advisor is the person most informed about your market. Direct firsthand experience gives you the advantage you need to keep one step ahead.


Understanding Phase

Determine your objectives and requirements. A personalized road map is created to identify value-add opportunities in order to achieve a higher sold price. We assist in the management of the entire process, from staging to carpet cleaning, painting to landscaping and adding additional square footage.


Marketing Phase

Getting the best value requires exceptional negotiation skills and a strong team. Each transaction Advisor collaborates with a group of Advisors, a Marketing Manager, a Transaction Organizer, and a Closing Organizer.


Closing Phase

Authentic global and local marketing platforms, in conjunction with our proprietary social media and global real estate partners, ensure that your property receives the appropriate visibility.


Post Closing

We respect your relationship and will be available to you after the sale. We make every effort to stay in touch after you've sold your property. Have you ever needed a recommendation for a mover or a painter? We are always willing to assist!.


Our specialized marketing platform leverages big data and technology-forward partnerships to outperform the competition in terms of exposure.

Customized digital marketing initiatives that are tailored to your home's unique features and tell a story using a global marketing strategy.

A 10-minute call with RiVirtual can save you 10% in your Real Estate Transactions !

  • 24/7 support
  • 1% commissions and bank fees
  • Simple online experience

RiVirtual Advisor

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Founder's Note:

Ninety percent of millionaires become so through owning Real Estate. India's Real Estate sector is expected to touch US$ 1 trillion market size by the year 2030, accounting for 18-20% of India's GDP. Buying Real Estate is not only an exceptional, quickest, secure but the only way to become Wealthier. Looking forward to serving your Real Estate needs!!!

Raj Varma CEO RiVirtual Inc.