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RiVirtual Property Management

  • There will be timely and live updates provided to the owners on the website.
  • One may hire a property manager for all or any one of the services mentioned.
  • The property management service will also be provided for offices, lands and vacant properties.

To Manage your Property

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Services offered

Inspection of property:

Our property manager will visit the property from time to time, inspect the property and give updates to the owners through photos and videos.

Property maintenance:

Our property manager will take care of any repairments and upgradations required after the consultation with the owners.

Rent Management:

Our property manager will study the market and quote the best rent rate and take care of timely and hassle-free collection of the rent.

Tenant search:

The property manager will look for the tenants for the property and show around the property to the potential tenants.

Tenant verification:

Background verification with proper documentation of the new tenants before handing them the property.

Property vacating:

Take care of the vacating processes of the property. We conduct a complete damage inspection of property and amenities and deal accordingly with the leaving tenants.

Listen to the complaints:

The Property Manager will listen to the tenants’ complaints and try to resolve them at their level./p>


The Property Manager will take care of all the documentation related to leasing the property and update the owner and tenant about the renewal of the contract or any changes.